Observation, watercraft, line control, entomology

Advanced techniques and the correct way to fish them.
Observation - Not quite as simple as it sounds.
Watercraft - Know where the fish are and why?
Line Control - Learn the correct techniques.
Entomology - Gain a better understanding.
Specialist rods, leaders and other equipment supplied.
Exclusive and appropriate river beats.
More fish – Pretty much a certainty!

Guided Fly Fishing

Our river “Masterclass” days are designed for the already experienced fly fisher and cover the more advanced fly fishing methods and techniques associated with modern day river fly fishing. River fly fishing methods such as French Nymphing and Leader to Hand are relatively recent innovations.

Our river “Masterclass” will teach you the finer points of these new methods and the more established fly fishing techniques such as fast water upstream nymphing, North Country Spider fishing, high sticking, New Zealand Dropper plus many more.